Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The New Years EURO TRIP

I thoroughly believe in how you begin the new year is how the rest of it will go so being in the right environment was a priority. In years past I split New Years Eve between my family and Jeff. This year I opted for something different. I went to Europe. I really needed my Daddies. Marc (GingerDaddy) and Uday (Daddy) are the the ones I met in Toronto. They took me in and made me one of their boys/sons. They are the gay dads every young(ish) homo needs. They are sweet, listen and offer great advice. Knowing how shitty my year had been they told me to come and spend time with them in London. It was good timing because I had left my job and I needed a change of scenery. Plus I could shoot and do some work in Europe.

After I booked my flight my Daddies had surprise. For New Years we are going to Belgrade. Belgrade? BELGRADE?! " What is there to do in Belgrade?"

Daddy, "Hot Serbian men"

"Well I'm sold"

So after I flew there I landed and got great cuddles and Daddy Love. We had dinner and hung with some of their friends and waited on my new Little Brother, Scruffy to show up (he's in school in the south). The next day the 4 of us flew Air Serbia (which was actually nice).  We had a great dinner with friends and then went to the premiere gay in Belgrade, PLEASURES. So as a porn actor and overall slut I'm used to getting attention but this was a new situation. THESE MEN STARED! When Daddy, Scruffy and I entered the club it was like music scratched. Heads turned. I found out they rarely get men of color in Belgrade especially black men. We were treated like rock stars in the club. People wanting to talk to us (and more). My scruff got 30 messages in the first hour of us in the club. It was like shooting big beefy muscle fish in a barrel. What a great way to start the new year! After the first day we stayed more to learn about the people (read men) and culture. I would definitely go back. Just in the summer because it was cold as FAWK.

After Belgrade I prepared for my live shows in Venice at JuiceBerry. JuiceBerry is a bar and bathhouse combined. Its really cool because it most of the area is open and it makes you interact with the other people. Plus I got to make out with one of the bartenders. He really helped me get prepared for my show. Also the music was amazing. That is one of my favorite things about being in Europe they have the best music ever. I end up downloading so much.

After Venice I returned to London to spend my last week with my Euro family. There was also three scenes to shoot. On Thursday I shot for AlphaMales with Scott Hunter. Scott and I have known each other for almost two years flirting on twitter and in real life at Hustlaball London last year. Unfortunately we have never been able to to work together until then. I'm not going to give anything away but I will say we had great chemistry. I wish I could of taken him home after the shoot. Thanks AlphaMales. The next day I took the train to Manchester to shoot for UKHOTJOCKS. Friday I shot a really easy and fun solo. The great thing about UKHOTJOCKS is that its ran and directed by two performers, JP Dubois & Sam Barclay. The next day was what I was waiting for. I got to shoot with with Wade Steel. He's a big beefy tattooed muscle dude. Holy fuck its like porn gods were answering my prayers in Europe. Again not going to reveal the scene but holy fuck its hot and I can't wait for it to come out.

After the scene we flew me back to the train station to enjoy my last Saturday with the Family in London. We went to the very popular and HardOn Party. It definitely did not disappoint especially when I got to meet and fuck my porn crush there. A great way to end my trip. After that we continued on with my going away after party. That led to another after party that ended Sunday afternoon. Euros know how party and make you feel loved. Monday morning I headed to the airport at 8 am to fly at 10:10. Again the car service screwed me over giving me the slowest driver in the world. We got there at 9:25 (it should have taken 40 mins max). Needless to say I missed my flight and had to reschedule for the. I got to spend more time with the Family.

This trip was an amazing way to start the year. I got to experience many first and spend time with people who love me. Not a bad way to start the year.

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