Monday, November 2, 2015



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Walking to the wedding



The Familia

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Folsom Family Fun

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Summer '15

Sorry for the late ass post. I was living and traveling (if you keep up with me on instagram, twitter, tumblr or facebook, WHICH YOU SHOULD). It was a great summer. Even though I didn't travel as much I still really enjoyed myself.

June: I traveled to one of my second homes, Toronto. Ironically during their pride gay marriage got legalized. It was fun. Stayed with my buds. Danced and headed home. Wham bam thank-you ma'am trip. I will say if you are visiting Toronto make sure its during a PitBull event.

July-August =  nothing


First thing I did was travel to London to see BigDaddy (Uday) and GingerDaddy (Marc) get married. Coming out and really finding myself during this time in history I really never saw marriage as an option. It wasn't nationally recognized and legalized until this summer. Also breaking up with the ex really lowered that expectation. But seeing two people who I love, two people who I consider family declare their love in front of the people important to them. I am honored to be one of those people. It was great seeing the gaymily all together. With us spread across the world (two in the US, 3 in the UK and one in Italy) it was our first time all together since I joined. To be surrounded by all that love was great.

Next thing I did was Folsom. This Folsom was my favorite. Not only was my group amazing (Daddies came as part of their honeymoon and MonkehDaddeh and I got to hang for the weekend) but the entire energy was. Everybody checked their attitude for the most part (there was two incidents on the first night) and was ready to have fun. After being in BRUT for ten minutes I was 8 inches deep into a guy (apparently he heard about me from his friend who I had fucked a couple of hours before). And got bjs constantly...Saturday was Big Muscle and Magnitude with the family. Sunday, it took us awhile to get out to the fair we kept getting dickstracted but we made it and then off to Real Bad.

I know I'm glancing over all the Folsom details (I'm over a month late) but I will say if you've never been, GO! I already booked my room. I had the best experience there. Not even about the was fun! The music and dancing. Laughing with friends and being in an environment where being gay...being weird, having kinks and fetishes aren't judged but celebrated. Free yourself and go to Folsom!