Friday, May 6, 2011


Sorry guys been gone for a while. Nothing interesting has happened just working out and working lol. Well I did go to New York this past city. It was many hot guys there and so aggressive. I loved it...went to Splash the first night and it didn't disappoint. How Norwegian guy there and ended up in the bathroom with his tongue up my ass.

Also had some fun working. I got to finally meet my facebook friend and icon Joe Oppedisano (his link to his blog is over there). We finally shot together. This  was my first shoot and I was so nervous but he made me feel at home and really comfortable. He is funnier in person than on his blog. Can't wait to show you guys the pic. Also I met Mickey Boardman from Paper Magazine. He's amazing as well. I'm so glad to have finally met them. Can't wait to go back and see them again (the Norwegian guy was visiting so I doubt I will see him or that mouth).

Now I'm just planning on going to IML and the Grabbys. Really want to meet the people I talk to on facebook and twitter. Hopefully get into some trouble as well. With all of the hotties going I doubt I will have a problem. Especially on the new diet and workout plan I'm on...200lbs here I come...