Monday, November 2, 2015



Extended Family


Wedding Cake


Walking to the wedding



The Familia

Snipe and I

Me and MonkehDaddeh

MD, Erica and Me

Folsom Family Fun

David from SlickItUp

Summer '15

Sorry for the late ass post. I was living and traveling (if you keep up with me on instagram, twitter, tumblr or facebook, WHICH YOU SHOULD). It was a great summer. Even though I didn't travel as much I still really enjoyed myself.

June: I traveled to one of my second homes, Toronto. Ironically during their pride gay marriage got legalized. It was fun. Stayed with my buds. Danced and headed home. Wham bam thank-you ma'am trip. I will say if you are visiting Toronto make sure its during a PitBull event.

July-August =  nothing


First thing I did was travel to London to see BigDaddy (Uday) and GingerDaddy (Marc) get married. Coming out and really finding myself during this time in history I really never saw marriage as an option. It wasn't nationally recognized and legalized until this summer. Also breaking up with the ex really lowered that expectation. But seeing two people who I love, two people who I consider family declare their love in front of the people important to them. I am honored to be one of those people. It was great seeing the gaymily all together. With us spread across the world (two in the US, 3 in the UK and one in Italy) it was our first time all together since I joined. To be surrounded by all that love was great.

Next thing I did was Folsom. This Folsom was my favorite. Not only was my group amazing (Daddies came as part of their honeymoon and MonkehDaddeh and I got to hang for the weekend) but the entire energy was. Everybody checked their attitude for the most part (there was two incidents on the first night) and was ready to have fun. After being in BRUT for ten minutes I was 8 inches deep into a guy (apparently he heard about me from his friend who I had fucked a couple of hours before). And got bjs constantly...Saturday was Big Muscle and Magnitude with the family. Sunday, it took us awhile to get out to the fair we kept getting dickstracted but we made it and then off to Real Bad.

I know I'm glancing over all the Folsom details (I'm over a month late) but I will say if you've never been, GO! I already booked my room. I had the best experience there. Not even about the was fun! The music and dancing. Laughing with friends and being in an environment where being gay...being weird, having kinks and fetishes aren't judged but celebrated. Free yourself and go to Folsom!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Daddy and Me

MusclePUP PACK at iHop (Me, Brut Buldocek, Aleks Buldocek, Nick Sterling, Draven Torres and Gaby!

Eddy Cee Tee

Damian Taylor

Ginger Daddy and Two Pups

Brian Bonds

Porno Besties

Family Before Victory Party

Daddies and Pups at Victory Party


Manhunt boys and Mr. Manhunt himself!



IML 2015

Its painfully obvious that I look forward to IML every year. International Mister Leather in Chicago is one of the first major gay events I ever attended. Its where I learned about myself and grew in my sexuality. It's also where I started my career in PORN. This event has a ton of meaning for me.

I came in on Thursday this year to dance at SkinTrade (Chi Chi LaRue's Party) at Hydrate. I stayed with my Alpha, Aleks Buldocek the first night. Since I was running late I showed up to the club with my full suitcase (I packed a lot of jockstrap). Dancing was really fun the first night. It's good to see all of my industry friends before the craziness begins. Also it was nice to get a bj in the changing room from my porn crush.

The rest of the weekend consisted of sex parties, go go dancing and the leather mart. This year I worked at the Manhunt booth. It was interesting (take that as you would like) to see people draw their ideal penis. Meeting Eddy Cee Tee was really cool. We clicked working at the booth and I know we will be good friends. Meeting people with the same sense of humor as me is rare so I latch on quick. Friday night I danced at Manhole with Draven Torres and Hans Berlin. Afterward Draven and I met some of our pack brothers, for iHop. So fucking good! My brothers make me eat! Big muscle pup here I come. I come back to the room and see my brother Oliver and his bf Steven made it. Later I saw Daddies and they brought me a toy, my porn crush. After that bit of fun (thanks Daddies for letting me use your room). I finally went to bed.

Saturday we had a family brunch and I worked again. The Grabbys were that day as well. I did the red carpet but didn't stay because we had family time then. I'm excited my friends won. Congrats especially to Brian Bonds and David Benjamin. After family time I had a totally hot hookup with this hot Daddy. He turned me OUT! His dick is so big and he knows how to use it. His hole isn't bad either.  I ended up having to take a nap before we went out. That night at the party I saw him again and I went fist deep in him. Happy IML!

Sunday was my last day at the booth. After a great nap we went to my favorite event of IML, the VICTORY PARTY!!! This party is held at the House of Blues. Its one of my first circuit events and most importantly it gives me life!!! The music and lights are always amazing. The vibe is what makes its amazing. The crowd is one big community. Everyone is celebrating the new winner and rejoicing in one of the last events of the weekend. It was so great to experience it with my family and friends.

Monday night I danced at the Black N Blue ball. This was my first time at the event and I will never miss it again. Unlike the Victory Party the vibe is dirty and fun. The music is amazing and I danced my ass off. But I also fucked my ass off and my dick off. I love a good sleazy party. Fuck yeah this is getting added to my list of events.

The night ended in a hot sex party in my room. A good 12 sexy men came and so did I.

FUCK I LOVE IML!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Toronto Airport

TO airport again

What makes an 8 hour flight easier...alcohol and chocolate

The Eye

My Favorite Building

Posters in the Eagle London

Sex Party


Daddy, Remy, Me and GingerDaddy

Snax Ticket

The Front

Europe trip 2 (now with Germans)

As you know by now my Daddies live in Europe. Since I love them and working over there I figured I'd go back. I always have a fun with them and even though I was home only a month and a half I really missed them. I found out flying from Windsor Airport is half the price so that made the decision even easier. Also Snax was happening. Snax is the European version of Black Party. It is held in Berlin in an old factory that is now a club. More details later.

This trip was a lot of fun. In London the first weekend I was there I did a live show with Giorgio Aresnal at the Eagle. I love bars like the Eagle because they are so chill and fun. The first show was easy and fun because of our mutual attraction. I was a little more gentle because I didn't want to give it all away (we had another show later). There was a group there raising money for awareness of PreP/Truvada. They were in their underwear and if they reached their goal they would go completely nude. They reached it fast (as they were cute boys). In fact by the time I came up after my first show they were nude. I took two of them and ate their asses right on the bar. Making out and rimming are two of my biggest turn ons. So that second show became a lot more aggressive. I was throwing Giorgio around on the stage & slam fucking him everywhere. When I looked up I saw my Daddies made it! I am always happy when they show up to my events. I love feeling their support.  They had a dinner that night so I didn't think they would. I was really glad they surprised me.

The next weekend we went to Berlin. A friend of mine from NYC joined us. The first thing we did was go to one of the Daddies' friend's house for a birthday party. I had a great time at the party and it was cool to meet new friends.

That night we went to Connections or as I will from now on HEAVEN. We walk in strip down to our jockstraps and as cliche as it sounds I felt like I was in porn (but more comfortable positions). Everybody is jockstraps and hightops. This is one of my biggest fetishes (I love sports gear). I was immediately hard and jumped into action. There were so many hot men there. It took me about an half hour to go maybe 25ft because I kept getting stopped to fuck or get fucked. I swear that night made the trip worth it on its own. The next night is Snax. It takes place in an factory that has been converted into three clubs. The bottom level is a gay sex club, middle levels a gay club, top levels a straight club. During Snax its all open together as one club. Hot guys from all over the world come have a good deviant time with little attitude. Sunday was a day of recovery. Monday night was the gear party in the bottom level. So fucking hot. After that weekend I just shot and worked in London until the last weekend of me being there. Saturday I shot a scene with Giorgio Arsenal for Butch Dixon. We performed together at the Eagle earlier so it was an easy, steamy, lust filled scene. I love eating and fucking his ass. That night we also performed together at Hard On. Hard On is a fetish party in London that has a live sex show during it. Also play areas and a dance floor. God Europe is kicking ass with their gay culture. I love seeing sex celebrated. The show went well and I played with everyone until Daddies and I went home.

It was such a great trip. I had a chance to get to know everyone better as well as get build stronger bonds with my Daddies and brother. I love the time I get with them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


 This Fri-Sunday (FEB 13-15)  I am at FLEX SPAS in CLEVELAND. I will be doing a special show SATURDAY NIGHT. Hope to see you there.