Sunday, November 25, 2012


So its finally out (actually I'm late surprise, surprise). My Lucas Entertainment scene for their new movie DICK HUNGRY is out. I'm really excited about it because it was really great to shoot. I had an amazing scene partner, got to travel to a new city and had a great experience overall.

As you know I traveled to Montreal (after shooting in Toronto) to shoot this scene. Montreal is a great city I just wish the signs were in English as much as they were in French. Luckily I studied French in school so I wasn't totally lost. The first thing I realized that was different in Montreal than Toronto is the weather. It was hot and warm in Toronto and Montreal was a lot cooler and it rained the entire time. It was the type of weather that makes you want to stay in and fuck. The weather was actually good for us because for our scene they wanted us to meet in the rain. When I got to set they actually thought it was going to be too nice. Right when we started though the rain came down hard and long. It made it great for the scene of two guys meeting in the rain looking for shelter together.

The sex was amazing. Brandon Jones and I have been flirting for months on twitter and really wanted to meet (read fuck) each other. So when we got the opportunity sparks flew. What you see on screen is natural and real. That's why it is so hot. We just went at it. We barely took a break while shooting. Between takes we kept fucking. Brandon is so fucking hot and his body (and hole) is amazing. Our chemistry and attraction to each other made the sex even better. Go check it out for yourself.


Check it out!  Shocked to see myself so many times, enjoy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hustlaball '12

NYC! The Big Apple! This magical city hosts some of the most amazing parties and events in the world. My favorite being HUSTLABALL. As a slut I've always wanted to attend this event. Public cock sucking, fucking and celebrating the sex industry, sounds like home to me. Ever since I heard about it (2010) and heard stories from friends (2011) I decided 2012 was the year I would finally attend. Not only did I attend it but I performed at it. But that was only the icing of an amazing weekend in NYC.

I arrived Friday after the most stressful transit I've ever experience. My connecting flight from DC to Laguardia was cancelled while I was in the air on the first flight. Luckily I was able to get on standby for the next flight. Then it took me 2 hours to get into the city and had the worst transportation. I took one of those charter buses into the city. They are extremely unorganized and rude. From now on I will take a taxi. When I finally got to my hotel (the Out in Hell's Kitchen) I took a much needed nap. The Out is an amazing hotel. Its a little out of the way (as far as NYC is concerned) being in Hell's Kitchen and most of my friends/events were in Chelsea but the staff is extremely nice and its GAY. I mean GAY and I fuckin' loved it. One of the new big clubs, XL (who doesn't love it big) is in the hotel so there are hotties running all around. Anyways after my nap I decided to meet one of my friends to go shopping in Chelsea for clothes/underwear for the weekend. I'm horrible at deciding things for myself so I always wait till the last minute. It was fun walking around the gay neighborhood but it made me kinda sad because there really isn't anything like it here in Michigan. We went to Nasty Pig and of course I got some items. Later went to Eastern Bloc to hear Chi Chi LaRue spin and meet up with some friends. Saw Diesel Washington and Howard Andrew there. Diesel told me about my scene he was directing the next day, getting me really excited. Went to Splash where we saw Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder put on a great show. Then I went to bed because I'm a good boy who is always prepared for my scenes.

Saturday morning I wake up bright and early to prep for my scene. The one thing I do have to criticize the Out is the shower heads. You would think as a GAY hotel they would be more accommodating and not have the block shower heads but the traditional ones. Oh well, I still got the job done and headed to the Bronx to fuck. The scene is for Hardwire series so there was alot of b-roll for me to film which I love. I know its corny but I love the plot in porn, no matter how cliche it is. It lead to one of the most intense fuckings I've ever had. My scene partner, Rio, is one of the hottest guys I've shot with. Muscular and tatted with a huge thick dick. My hole twitched in anticipation. He fucked me so hard my glasses fell off and soon I fell off the ottoman we were shooting on. It hurt so fucking good! By the end I came so hard while getting fucked I could barely see straight.

After that long and fun shoot I still had more to do. That night I attended my friends engagement/housewarming party. I got there late but glad to see there were people still there. Really happy for them. After that me and my friend Mark went to get dinner (I hadn't ate all day!) at Dallas BBQ where we got dinner theater in the form a woman cussing and fighting a guy. Apparently the guy (not of African-American descent) used the N-word with group of friends (all who were black) and her table heard it. She wanted to tell him how inappropriately he acted.  After that I decided it was time to get some sleep to for the next day.

Sunday night was amazing. Had a great time performing (5 times). I was in heaven. I mean there were hot horny guys everywhere. I officially lost any signs of a gag reflex that night and learned I'm a hungry horny boy. Here are some pics. Can't wait to go back to NYC for the Black Party...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ok so I'm horrible its been almost three weeks and I haven't talked about this years Folsom yet. But I do have an excuse. After Folsom I had to go to my College's Homecoming (yay being alumni) and then HUSTLABALL (which I will discuss in full detail soon). So let me tell you about it. It was a fucking blast. Not only was it great to see alot of my friends but also there were so many hot guys. The weather was perfect as well. Gotta say going back again this year.

Thursday: Flew in and got settled. Went to Mr. S Leather. Saw a couple of friends  shot the shit bought lube and a cock ring. Went to Chi Chi LaRue's party it was a ton of fun. As usual Chi Chi played amazing music that made you want to dance. Got to see many of friends such as Sister Roma, Charlie Harding, Donny Wright and others.

Friday:  Took my friend Jeff to Mr. S Leather. Had sex. Had a burger. Had sex again. Bought booze and got ready for the party at Lookout. I had no idea how far Lookout was from our hotel. Its in the Castro and we were staying in SOMA.  Its only a 10 minute cab drive but its so cold in SF at night if we had to walk my tits would've fell off. But I'm GLAD I went. Everybody was here. Erynn, mrPam, and all three of my best friends, Kieron Ryan, Brody Wilde and Perry Cavalari. I haven't seen them since IML so I was stoked to spend time with these bitches. A couple of tequila shots in the night was going amazing especially the live show we got in the VIP section. After a funtastic (see what I did there) night at the club we all left. Last year I bragged how I could (a black man) catch a cab in SF. Well this night I had to eat crow. While its easy to get one to take you to the Castro its damn near impossible to get one to pick you up at 4am. They literally slow down then speed up to fuck with you. Thank-god Trenton Ducati jumped on top of one to get one and was kind enough to share. So in this Cab its, Trenton, Perry, Jeff, me and Paddy O'Brian. It was the funniest car ride home ever. Paddy is absolutely hilarious.

Saturday: Big Muscle Party during the afternoon. So many fucking hot guys especially this one couple. Woof! We definitely made a point to see to see them later. Then the Falcon/RSS party. As usual superb. As you know (or may not know and if you don't pay closer fucking attention to me) I missed the Magnitude party last year due to some extracurricular activities, so this year I made it a point to go. It was fun and the dungeon is insane. All the rumors are true. 

Sunday: The big day! FOLSOM STREET FAIR!!! Thanks Charlie Harding for letting us cut in line. I owe you. Amazing fair like last year. Once again I worked the Steamworks booth. The first thing they said to me was, "you can't do what you did last year". I guess I got a bit of a reputation. Oh well. Still was a ball. I made out with a lot of boys. Sucked some boys dicks. Ate a lot of boy hole. My favorite that day was Conor Patricks. His hole is delicious. Later that night Jeff and I decided to get some food because I really couldn't go out and party (I had a scene the next morning before my flight). On the way to a burger joint we saw the couple we met at the big muscle party the day before. We had been texting and talking on scruff. One thing led to another and they both blew me on 7th street while Jeff took pics. I didnt cum but it was hot as hell. A perfect night cap.

Monday: 9am call time went to shoot my scene with Cole Streets for Fucking hot stud with a huge cock. I was hoarse as fuck from the weekend (I always lose my voice on these weekends). But we made it work. We've been flirting for a while and wanted to fuck so it was a hot scene. He fucked the cum out of me. Then I flew home to go back to Ohio. Oh what a life I have.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Canadian Sexcursion pt.2 Montreal.

Well after those two amazing scenes with Ebony D Men I was really revved up for my scene for Lucas Entertainment. Brandon Jones and I have been talking alot on twitter and we both wanted to work together so it was perfect timing  when I was already in the country. This is the most intense scene I have ever shot. We went after each other like rabid animals. Between takes when the lighting and camera people had to adjust their angles we kept fucking and fucking. It was a long shoot because we couldn't get enought of each other. He has one of the sexiest bodies and amazing ass I have the pleasure of playing with. Literally it was like warm butter. It was a sweat and cum filled scene that I can't wait to see be released. 

Oh yeah Montreal is a great city as well. Thank GOD I studied French from the 1st-11th grade because everything is in French. I didn't get to explore it that much because I was only in town from Monday afternoon till Wednesday morning. But I liked what I saw. I really enjoyed this trip because I learned so much as a performer. I really let myself go in these scenes and just had fun. I hope you guys enjoy the scenes as much as I did shooting them. Here are some nice pics of some fountains in Montreal.

My Canadian Sexcursion pt. 1 Toronto

Hey guys,

Just got back from an amazing weekend in Canada. I went to shoot three scenes and I have to say I fucking LOVE CANADA (read: uncut cock). Canada (uncut cock) is such a great country that I definitely plan on  going back.  Its funny because being from Michigan, Canada is right across the River but I haven't been there in 7 years and that was only to Windsor and London (high school trip). So this was the first time I really got to see the country. From Friday-Monday I was in the beautiful city of Toronto. I didn't know what to expect because I have never really heard anything about it. But I have to say it is one of my favorite cities and not just because of the hot Canadian men and their uncut schlongs. Its a gorgeous city with amazing architecture.

                                                              (View from my hotel room)

After I got settled in me and another one of models, Taylor decided to explore the city some and check out the gay area. He's from Canada and been to Toronto plenty of times so he knew exactly where to go to have fun. It was nice to see the gay culture there and we had a pretty good time. We didn't stay out late because we had a scene the next day but we definitely had fun while we were out.

(Taylor and Me)
 We were shooting for Ebony D Men and it was a group scene. Three tops one bottom. I wasn't the bottom but it was a great scene. The company was extremely nice and had a great energy. It made it an easy and fun shoot. The next day we shot probably one of the hottest scenes to date (my Montreal scene was intense and both left me breathless). It was a threeway scene with Taylor, Race Cooper and me. You'll have to wait until it comes out but to give a hint. I left sore and very satisfied. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

No clever title, but here is my post about

I don't know why I didn't mention this earlier but in mid June I got the pleasure of working with a great new company Anteros Media.  Its a new studio that wants to focus on great scenes that are natural and fun that everyone (including the models) can enjoy. I don't want to reveal too much but here are some pics from of the scenes I shot.

(there was alot of warming up and prepping for the scenes before the condoms and lube came out)

It was a great weekend spending time with the cast (Jay Black and Bobby Drake) and crew.Its Devon Hunter's baby so I know it will be amazing. Shooting was incredibly hot mainly because everyone involved was into it. There was a lot of kissing and sucking and passion. Plus it promotes safe sex! I can't wait to shoot again. Go check out the site

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My first Article

Hellz yeah I'm fucking excited! Look at me! Thanks guys for supporting me thus far I promise I have more to show you this year\