Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cazzo Scene wit Jace Tyler

As I mentioned before when I went to Europe this past summer I shot for Cazzo. I was so excited to shoot with them. We had been in talks about shooting before but I never was in Europe so I was thrilled that the opportunity finally came. I was even more thrilled when I saw who my scene partner was going to be. It was the sexy Jace Tyler.

Shooting was an amazing experience. I learned a lot on set. It was my first two day shoot. I have done long scenes before so I was easily able to adapt. One of the best parts about it was the company made me feel so comfortable and at ease.  The other best part was Jace. We had amazing chemistry. We both the other hot as fuck and even between shooting when they were adjusting the lights or moving something we kept fucking. It was one of the hottest experiences I've ever had on set. You guys gotta check it out.
Jace Tyler


us after shooting

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hustlaball NYC 2013

Hustlaball NYC,

As always a great time. I love NYC. Its one of my favorite cities to be in. I love the energy and the men of the city. I got there Friday afternoon met up with this amazing hot daddy in NYC and....well you know the rest. Well for a while I did get to hang with some NYC friends and porn buds, like Eli Lewis, JD Phoenix and many others. Here are some pics because honestly you don't care what I have to say...

See a lot of fun

*fun = dirty hot sex

Folsom 2013

Its the most wonderful time of the year...FOLSOM!

Its one of the best weekends of the year I have. Not much happens in Detroit so I always look forward to traveling to San Fran. Its fun to go somewhere where I can just let loose and be surrounded by fellow gays. Its a great time every time I'm there and this time didn't disappoint. I got to see my friends and colleagues. Here are some pics
My folsom outfit
A sexy daddy and I
Draven Torres, Preston Johnson, Tony Buff, Perry Cavalari, Kermie Me and mrPam 
Sorry this is all the pics I have, well the ones I can show on here (the others I would have to get permission). I didn't have my phone on me that much and was too busy with the fun I was having to take pics. There was a lot of fun to be had too. SO much fun ;-) There were men from everywhere all ready to have a good time so I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Can't wait to go back.

Pics from Hustlaball London

Dean Monroe and I

Euro Trip Part 2

Late again,

So as I mentioned earlier I had an amazing time. As I said I worked for cam4 at pride (at which I forgot to tell you I made out with some random guy during the parade. He was wearing an American Flag wrestling singlet so it was my Patriotic Duty n Shit). Well that was just a small piece of the amazing time I had over seas.

First of All Euro men are fucking hot. How in the hell do you all look like models. The men dressed so well in London. Hightops and suits fuck yea. That's whats turn me on. So after the initial shock of these sexy men and trying not to seduce them I made it to  my room. The first two days I just got to tour the city and relax and get over my jet lagged. On Thursday I would shoot my first scene in London (I'm international now). It was for AlphaMales Studios. Finally I get to shoot with them! I have been wanting to shoot with them for the longest. I couldn't wait and it was with one of my porn crushes, Dirk Caber.  I like all types of men but ever since I saw Dirk I knew I wanted him in me. We connected on twitter and flirted alot. We both wanted to shoot together but never had the chance too. You can imagine how excited I was that day. I have to say it was one of the best scenes I have shot thus far.  Alpha Males was very clear on what they wanted but were very relaxed. We had great chemistry where we just enjoyed fucking. I almost forgot we were recording. I still get hard thinking about. After the shoot I went out to drinks with some friends and I ended up having some fun with one them. Thank GAWD for big uncut EURO COCK.
Me and Dirk, see how excited I am
And now I sucking his dick

That night I after I found the feeling in my legs I headed out to meet everybody who was in London too. One of the best things about this trip was that everybody on it I truly like. I have to say I enjoyed everyone's company. I went to Gigolo and Room Service both have great music and tons of men. I highly recommend them.

After sleeping until the afternoon I went out with Marco Sessions and Bryce Cruiz. I must say these two were amazing hosts. They showed me around the city and made sure I had a great time. Thanks guys I really appreciate it men. The next night we went to the Hot Rod Awards. Nothing out of the ordinary happened but again it was a nice fun night. After that Marco, Bryce and Kayden Gray all went to restaurant for a night cap. Got home late then it was pride...

(Marco Sessions and Bryce Cruiz (great hosts and friends)

(Kayden Grey and Bryce Cruiz)

Well you know how that as (see previous post). Had a lot of fun made out with some guys. Later that night was Hustlaball.  Here's all you need to know about Hustlaball London...

There was a lot of sex. Lots of sex. Everywhere. On stage, backstage, all over the venue. So much dick sucking,  ass fucking and rimming. I had a great time. I honestly cant wait till next year.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's talk about Race baby

Not  Race Cooper, love him but not today.

Sorry I haven't given you more about Eurotrip 2013 but something more important came up.(btw this will be a longer on because I really have something to say).

First and foremost let me say I love all races. I am technically multiracial (my father is Jamaican and Native American while my mother has roots in Trinidad, Mexico, and Ireland) though I identify as African American. I have friends of other ethnicities (I actually hate when people say that, its like they are justifying what offensive behavior or thoughts).  I've been in relationships with men of various ethnic backgrounds and my current boyfriend is white. I never hold entire races accountable for what one person has done and I would expect the same coming from another.

As I lay in bed I am trying to figure out how to start this dialogue. I don't want to attack but I don't want to be a pussy either. Let me start by saying the only reason why I am even voicing my opinion about Trayvon Martin and race relations in America in general is because others started it. Childish I know but the more I checked social media today the more I saw colleagues of mine voices of  what they thought. I will always respect some one's opinion and defend their right to voice it but c'mon man, you can't really believe that.

I will do a quick  scoop of the case because to me Zimmerman isn't what matters. Its the whole process and mindset of people.The State of Florida vs George Zimmerman: The prosecution did a horrible job. They let the defense walk all over them. From evidence to witnesses this was a circus. Manslaughter should of been an easy conviction.

What caught my attention was some of the tweets, retweets or facebook statuses that some people posted. Asking why black people are so sensitive when it comes to race or how black people "need to get over it and stop using the race card". I will gladly get over it when justice is served. I will gladly get over when the media covers  every homicide in a black neighborhood the same they do in a white one. I will gladly get over being treated like a second class citizen in a country that was built on the back of my ancestors for 200 years. I will gladly over it when White Privilege ends. I will stop using the race card (hell I don't use it) when it stops becoming a factor. This kid was racially profiled point blank because he didn't "belong" in that neighborhood (WTF). I will stop using the race card when its not used as an adjective to describe me. I am a proud black man, but I don't need every description of me to include it.

I am sensitive about my race because it is always the common denominator with me. I'm black. Wanna know I how I know, because I am in constant reminder of my skin. I have followed in multiple stores, treated differently than  my white counterparts (considering I've had one for two years I can confidently say I have proof of this) and racially profiled. Ex #1 one. Jeff and I were in a department store shopping. We both decide upon a pair of underwear. Jeff buys his first, clerk swipes his card then rings him up no problem. I follow giving the man my card he looks at it then asks to see my id. He goes is this it (my real name) pausing to indicate that I should say my last name as to confirm its my license. I am ashamed to say I complied. I should of said never mind and asked to speak to a store manager. It was humiliating to be treated like that esp over a pair of $25 underwear.

At least that situation I could have done something about the racial profiling by cops is entirely something different. It was 10pm I pulled up to a friends house a couple of miles away from my own. As I turn the corner and  park a cop car drives past me. He looks and I nod my head in respect. He makes it down the street screeches to a halt then flies in reverse back to me. "what are you doing out here?" he asks as I look up from my phone in my brightly lit car (2002 white Jaguar).

"just waiting for a friend"

"Let me see your license and registration"

As I give them over to him I realized I've never been told why I'm being questioned. I've done nothing suspicious. I'm sitting in my car with the lights on, under a post light while on the phone in a white car. If I was going to to something wouldn't I be more stealthy. "Oh you're from the next suburb over. Well here you go. Had to make sure we've had some theft in this neighborhood". That is blatant profiling. this neighborhood that I was in is at a slightly socioeconomic level than the one grew up in and the one I live in now but apparently I am threat. Or I was perceived to be until the cop realized I was from the same side of 8 mile as him. It happens to me all the time esp at home. Because I don't "belong" in this neighborhood I get followed by cops until I get my license plate ran and they see I live out here. Is that what I deserve, to always have to get looks for living my life? So I am sensitive about what happened to Trayvon because that could have been me when I was 17 or hell could be now if I go into Jeff's neighborhood.

read this because it answers in a more insightful way what I tried to do. This is why I'm sensitive.

read this if you didn't feel any of this

*Note: This was written two weeks ago. I went back and forth deciding if I should or shouldn't post this. Obviously you have seen my decision. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Europe (2013) post part 1

Ok so if you pay attention to me on twitter (which you should because I'm fucking awesome and you should know everything I'm doing, everyday, everyhour) then you know I spent 10 days in Europe. I was in London and Berlin. I did two shoots, crashed a parade, modeled, Hustlaball London and a whole slew of Europeans. This is is the first part.

One of the things that I got to do was work at London's pride. I was really excited because no offense to Michigan but our pride doesn't do much compared to other cities. We have fun don't get me wrong but this was only the second time I was in a major city for pride and the first time I was completely sober (I went to Chicago's pride 3 years ago and was a lightweight so I was drunk by 1pm, yes I was that gay). I was working for cam4 promoting it in UK. Cam4 is a way to communicate and watch gorgeous men (and women) across the world. From amateurs to porn stars you can watch people do everything from laundry to themselves. Honestly is really hot. I've appeared on a couple of shows and I know Samuel Colt does a show every week. Plus I know of some hot British guys who are about to start up so check it out.

So to promote Cam4 in the UK (follow on twitter @cam4_uk) we donned our t-shirts and went out to pass out fliers (or leaflets as they call them in the UK). Somehow we ended up in the parade and got to pass them out. I lost my shirt after a half mile and then really went to work. Flirting with the crowd and showing a preview of what you can see on Cam4. It seemed to go really well and I had a fantastic time. I got to go a major pride, hang out  with really cute boys and celebrate being a cock sucking homosexual at the same time.

Here are some pics to show you the fun

Pride Mates

I did have it on for some of pride

For those who want to register use that link and start out as a gold member

the sexy Jace Tyler repping CAM4...he wasn't there but doesn't he look great in my shirt

Thursday, June 6, 2013

tha xxx list

check out one of my favorite blogs THA XXX LIST...I love this blog not just because of the support they have given me but the love they show to ALL MEN OF COLOR. Unbiased and fair you gotta check them is a link (to all the stuff they wrote about me including my interview).

Going back to Where it All began: Chicago

Basic fact: In 2011 I decided I wanted to really look at performing in porn. I didn't really know where to turn so I used twitter to meet people. I found out a lot of industry people would be in Chicago for IML and the Grabbys. Living in Detroit this was a great (read cheap) way of me getting my feet wet. Apparently it worked because I went from sitting in the nosebleed section that year to being on stage this year. Here is a recall of this weekend. (ps plenty of pics were stolen from


Friday: Me and Jeff arrive. Instead of staying at the Grabby Hotel we decide to stay at the IML hotel. I wanted a different experience this year. Last year I spent so much time traveling over there for everything I decided to save my calves the work. It was a great decision. The minute you walk into the Marriott you could smell the leather and feel the positive energy. I instantly knew it was going to be a great weekend. I thought getting there on Friday meant waiting hours to get checked in. Surprisingly we walked  right up to the counter checked in and went straight to the room. We had a great view. We unsettled, fucked and went straight to leather mart.

I love the leather mart because its a great way to meet new friends, reconnect with old ones and buy great pieces. The first place I went was Nasty Pig. I love their stuff (I literally wear something NP everyday) and the guys who work there. So I talked to my boys bought some really cool stuff. I always have to get a shredder. I'm an addict. I have no problem unique one of a kind pieces always grab my attention. Then we went to Mr. S. Leather got some short shorts for the IML Victory party (for any circuit party virgins, never, I mean NEVER, show up to any event with Hundreds of gay men dancing in jeans, I made that mistake once and wanted to DIE). After that we went up to the 7th floor ( they had to split the mart between the 5th and 7th floor) to get in more trouble. First person I see when I walked through the door was my A, Aleks (read my twitter account and find him). Immediately my little puppy tail started to wag. Its always great to see him.  We walked around some more, saw other friends such as the my boys from SOLDOUT CLOTHING, there shit is hot. THE END. Then we went to the manhunt booth were we saw Tom Wolfe and he stripped me out of my underwear to put me in a jock. I'm not complaining just saying. Its such a different experience from my first time there. I actually know people. I'm not someone saying I talked to you on twitter. The first time was like being the new kid at school. This year was like coming to a college homecoming, familiar and fun.

So we went back to the room. Took a nap (well we attempted to we fucked again) then got ready for a Grabbys dinner party. It was at a little restaurant in boystown. The drag performer turned it out. She did 3 numbers where one she goes out into the street on Halsted stops traffics and perfectly lip-syncs. Somewhere RuPaul was gagging. I always enjoy seeing other industry people. I think its because I in Michigan I'm somewhat secluded to a place like NYC, LA, Miami or SF. After the dinner went back to the room to prepare for the IML parties that night. A few drinks with friends in the room and we were ready to go down. I have always wanted to go the Gear Party but I had heard the SF party is a lot of fun too. Feeling conflicted we decided to do both. They were in connecting rooms so it was easy to jump back and forth. After meeting some very sexy men we went back to the room.
Drag Queen giving it

Saturday: Grabbys Bitches. I wasn't nominated but I was a trophy stud. It was cool to see all that happens behind the curtain to make things work. I must commend everyone who does it because it takes alot. The after party was a blast. Look at the pics they describe it better than I could.
with lil bro Perry

Scotty B

Rod Daily

Lil Bro again

kissing Rayhan (thanks sue)

then this

coming up for air

returning the favor

...some more

good wholesome boy

After the party we went back to the hotel with Perry and apparently this was the after party. Tons of leathermen in the Lobby. I was in heaven (and some guy Jeff picked up).

Sunday. Went to brunch and had some drinks with some friends at Sidetraxxx then went to the room to nap for the night.The IML victory party was one of the best parties I've ever went to. If you never have gone go. I don't want to break any rules but trust me when I say you will have a blast.

This trip as always was amazing as always. I had a great relaxed time. Got to spend time with great friends, met new people and got share it with my Jeff. It was definitely a success. Can't wait for next year.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I haven't forgotten about this blog....

Sorry guys for being M.I.A. but I've been so busy with my regular job that I haven't had time to write so I will fill you in with all the interesting things in my life.

In February I shot with Next Door Ebony again. Aside from the weather (I fucking hate snow) it was a great shoot. The other models were Nubius (yum) and Draven Torres (yum again). It was great because I knew both of them prior. I performed at Hustlaball NYC with Nubius and I've danced with Draven. So it was nice knowing the guys who would be inside me later (even though that has never stopped me). The scenes were pretty easy. The first one was a scene with Nubius where he fucked the hell out of me on an ottoman. A hot muscle dude with a thick cock oh god my job was so hard. Then the next day we did a three-way scene and it will be one of my favorites because we hit one of my kinks (yellow hanky anyone). Also I got to get into Draven's body. Right after we shot the beginning of the scene for the live show we were doing the next day. In this one I bottom. Simply put it was hot. Also Draven discovered one of my triggers that if pushed makes me super horned. When the scene comes out see if you can spot it. The next we went to the club to promote how Ebony D men is now Next Door Ebony. We all did two songs dancing...Nubius looked sexy as hell and Draven shook that amazing ass. Its funny for me a dancer my biggest fear is go go dancing or stripping. Everyone says I'm good at it and once I'm up there I'm fine but I think I get nervous because there is no choreography. I'm glad I did it though, life is too short to let your fear control you. The next part came easy for me. We did a little oral fun on stage where I became a human banana split to these two sex gods (yes GAWD). Later we finished the scene with me popping.  Fun times in Toronto.

March. BLACK PARTY! My first time going and so glad I did. I love NYC, the energy, the men, the fashion, the men. It was great to be back. I brought Jeff. It was great having him there. I can't describe how much fun we had there there. I got to see some great friends meet some new ones and the men looked (and felt) amazing. If you have never been go to it, worth it for sure. Going back next year :-).

MAY-IML Grabbys thats the next post