Sunday, October 30, 2011


I shot with Jimm Tuffy again it was sooo much fun. He really pushes me and makes me work. I always have fun with him too such a great time. Hope you like:


Pictures with from my SF Shoot with @cooltompix

Just Some of them though:

Sorry for the Delay

Hey guys sorry for not posting in such a long time but my comp was broke so let me get on the first exciting thing: FOLSOM!

So if you know anything about me you should know that I have been waaaaaayyyy excited  for this event. I have heard so many great things about it and so stoked to go. Originally I had a room with some friends but they cancelled after I already bought my airplane tickets so some of the LOGP (Ladies of Gay Porn) esp April who hooked me up. Love you  LADIES!

Ok so let me say every event is amazing and if you go bring CASH. Alot of places don't take credit cards (unlike Michigan where its all cards) so have it on you. Here is a day by day of what I did bc I ramble:

Thursday: I arrived at 10 took a shower and went to Spencer Reed & Christian Owen's Dads 'n' Lads event. Spencer was DJing and wow I gotta say I was pretty much amazed. He played great music. It really set a great mood in the Lone Star and people were enjoying it. After a little convincing he got me to go-go. It was pretty much my first time so I was pretty nervous and I didn't know how I would be. I got pretty good feed back and tips. Also it was nice seeing Michael Brandon & Christian Owen again as well as meeting Ben Brown & Bruno Knight.

Friday: So much fun!  After transferring hotels April & I went to Mr. S-Leather. This story is fucking A-MAZE-ZING there is so much stuff to play with and I wanted it all. I was trying to find the right outfit for Sunday. It was really cool to try all the leather & athletic gear on. Apparently so did alot of people in the store, I kept getting looked at and told how hot I looked. It made my day. Later that night everybody went to this Venue called Play Space where a ton of porn stars were at. It was great to see everyone I knew and meet new people like Casey Williams. After that went to Powerhouse and it was blur...

Saturday:  Pretty chill day went to the gym (Gold's in Soma where all the hot guys go seriously OMG), did my photoshoot with @cooltompix who created pics of me. Went to the Raging Stallion/Falcon Party met Tony Buff & Chris Yosef. Danced and hung with my bestie Kieron Ryan Then Rebel to hear Chi Chi LaRue dj & I got to see Sister Roma...then the night got really interesting had alot of fun ;-) three times (go me)

SUNDAY: FOLSOM! I got asked to work/play Naked Twister for SteamWorks so much fun. It was me Richie, Conner Habib, Tony Vega, Samuel Colt, Kennedy Carter & his bf)  we all had alot of fun. I also walked around to the other booths. It was amazing to be so well received and people wanting to get a pic of me or with me. Considering how new I am I was shocked that anybody paid any attention to me. That night I went to the Real Bad Party and boy was I. Good thing I brought condoms and lube I met a muscle daddy who end up fucking me in a corner with his huge cock. OMG it was amazing...

(Casey Williams & I)

(Some of the Ladies of Gay Porn, love them)

(Jesse Santana)

(Sister Roma & my nipple)
After that I finally got spend to time with my bestie Kieron Ryan and chill before I left on Tuesday. I have to say it was a pretty much a blast. I got meet alot of people in the industry and see everybody I met. So much fun and really affirmed what I am doing.

And a video of twister (courtesy of  )