Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Scene

How can I say this the correct way, I fucking had a blast (literally) fucking and getting fucked by this fucking hottie Jackson Miller. It was one of the most intense scenes I have ever fucking shot, fuck. When I got off the plane in Vegas the first thing I heard is "you and Jackson are going to go at it". Apparently we fit the description of what the other one is attracted to. I didn't get to meet him that night but the next day we met a couple hours before our scene. We both wanted to work out to look good for the camera and it took all of our will power not pounce each other. We did very generous  spotting. With our blood pumping  we got prepared for the scene. In all honesty for my 3rd scene ever to shoot it was the easiest so far. It was one of the hottest. We had amazing chemistry and wanted to go at it all day We just went at it...I can still taste his ass are the pics

Second Scene for Phoenixxx

Here are some pics from my second scene for with Julian Smiles. It was a fun easy shoot and Julian is a great guy funny as hell...hope you enjoy...

this was the last day I had shooting in the week so by now I was extremely comfortable and hit my stride (the same way Julian's cock hit my prostate)...I came hard esp after 4 days of shooting... :-)