Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Pics from World Pride

Toronto & World Pride

Yeah yeah I know this was literally a season ago but  I really wanted to share this. This past summer Toronto held world pride and it changed my life. What suppose to be a quick work weekend literally became the best one of the summer if not the year.

FRIDAY: After a long ass ride from Detroit. It took over the normal 5 hours to get there because of bad traffic. I get there quickly to change to work for Ryan Russell's Shaggin Wagon. I had a ton of fun promoting Fleshjack. That night I went to the Pitbull that night. My pack brothers were gogo dancing and I after months of talking on Scruff, Dudesnude etc I was finally going meet these two hot Daddies from London. Not only did I meet them but I met their boy (who I've been flirting with on everything too). After making out and sucking  a little along with a little dancing I went home with them and had fun.

Saturday-Monday. I worked at the Shaggin Wagon. Steamworks (with two fucking hot guys with delicious asses and cocks along with Brent Everett and Steve Pena who are amazing) and gogo danced at Pitbull. These events made my weekend great but what made it extra special was that after the first night I never left those three the entire weekend (except for work). On Sunday the Daddies asked me to join the family. I got two Dads and a brother. I gained a family. Oh yeah there was amazing sex all weekend with all types of men, yay International Pride!

Workin the Shaggin' Wiggin
Brent Everett and my ass
On a car why not

Delicious Cakes

the jocks came out
The Front

My Husbro
First night with Da Fam
View from Matinee

Sums up our Relationship

My favorite pic of the weekend

Or this one