Monday, November 25, 2013

Hustlaball NYC 2013

Hustlaball NYC,

As always a great time. I love NYC. Its one of my favorite cities to be in. I love the energy and the men of the city. I got there Friday afternoon met up with this amazing hot daddy in NYC and....well you know the rest. Well for a while I did get to hang with some NYC friends and porn buds, like Eli Lewis, JD Phoenix and many others. Here are some pics because honestly you don't care what I have to say...

See a lot of fun

*fun = dirty hot sex

Folsom 2013

Its the most wonderful time of the year...FOLSOM!

Its one of the best weekends of the year I have. Not much happens in Detroit so I always look forward to traveling to San Fran. Its fun to go somewhere where I can just let loose and be surrounded by fellow gays. Its a great time every time I'm there and this time didn't disappoint. I got to see my friends and colleagues. Here are some pics
My folsom outfit
A sexy daddy and I
Draven Torres, Preston Johnson, Tony Buff, Perry Cavalari, Kermie Me and mrPam 
Sorry this is all the pics I have, well the ones I can show on here (the others I would have to get permission). I didn't have my phone on me that much and was too busy with the fun I was having to take pics. There was a lot of fun to be had too. SO much fun ;-) There were men from everywhere all ready to have a good time so I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Can't wait to go back.

Pics from Hustlaball London

Dean Monroe and I

Euro Trip Part 2

Late again,

So as I mentioned earlier I had an amazing time. As I said I worked for cam4 at pride (at which I forgot to tell you I made out with some random guy during the parade. He was wearing an American Flag wrestling singlet so it was my Patriotic Duty n Shit). Well that was just a small piece of the amazing time I had over seas.

First of All Euro men are fucking hot. How in the hell do you all look like models. The men dressed so well in London. Hightops and suits fuck yea. That's whats turn me on. So after the initial shock of these sexy men and trying not to seduce them I made it to  my room. The first two days I just got to tour the city and relax and get over my jet lagged. On Thursday I would shoot my first scene in London (I'm international now). It was for AlphaMales Studios. Finally I get to shoot with them! I have been wanting to shoot with them for the longest. I couldn't wait and it was with one of my porn crushes, Dirk Caber.  I like all types of men but ever since I saw Dirk I knew I wanted him in me. We connected on twitter and flirted alot. We both wanted to shoot together but never had the chance too. You can imagine how excited I was that day. I have to say it was one of the best scenes I have shot thus far.  Alpha Males was very clear on what they wanted but were very relaxed. We had great chemistry where we just enjoyed fucking. I almost forgot we were recording. I still get hard thinking about. After the shoot I went out to drinks with some friends and I ended up having some fun with one them. Thank GAWD for big uncut EURO COCK.
Me and Dirk, see how excited I am
And now I sucking his dick

That night I after I found the feeling in my legs I headed out to meet everybody who was in London too. One of the best things about this trip was that everybody on it I truly like. I have to say I enjoyed everyone's company. I went to Gigolo and Room Service both have great music and tons of men. I highly recommend them.

After sleeping until the afternoon I went out with Marco Sessions and Bryce Cruiz. I must say these two were amazing hosts. They showed me around the city and made sure I had a great time. Thanks guys I really appreciate it men. The next night we went to the Hot Rod Awards. Nothing out of the ordinary happened but again it was a nice fun night. After that Marco, Bryce and Kayden Gray all went to restaurant for a night cap. Got home late then it was pride...

(Marco Sessions and Bryce Cruiz (great hosts and friends)

(Kayden Grey and Bryce Cruiz)

Well you know how that as (see previous post). Had a lot of fun made out with some guys. Later that night was Hustlaball.  Here's all you need to know about Hustlaball London...

There was a lot of sex. Lots of sex. Everywhere. On stage, backstage, all over the venue. So much dick sucking,  ass fucking and rimming. I had a great time. I honestly cant wait till next year.