Sunday, November 25, 2012


So its finally out (actually I'm late surprise, surprise). My Lucas Entertainment scene for their new movie DICK HUNGRY is out. I'm really excited about it because it was really great to shoot. I had an amazing scene partner, got to travel to a new city and had a great experience overall.

As you know I traveled to Montreal (after shooting in Toronto) to shoot this scene. Montreal is a great city I just wish the signs were in English as much as they were in French. Luckily I studied French in school so I wasn't totally lost. The first thing I realized that was different in Montreal than Toronto is the weather. It was hot and warm in Toronto and Montreal was a lot cooler and it rained the entire time. It was the type of weather that makes you want to stay in and fuck. The weather was actually good for us because for our scene they wanted us to meet in the rain. When I got to set they actually thought it was going to be too nice. Right when we started though the rain came down hard and long. It made it great for the scene of two guys meeting in the rain looking for shelter together.

The sex was amazing. Brandon Jones and I have been flirting for months on twitter and really wanted to meet (read fuck) each other. So when we got the opportunity sparks flew. What you see on screen is natural and real. That's why it is so hot. We just went at it. We barely took a break while shooting. Between takes we kept fucking. Brandon is so fucking hot and his body (and hole) is amazing. Our chemistry and attraction to each other made the sex even better. Go check it out for yourself.


Check it out!  Shocked to see myself so many times, enjoy!