Monday, January 26, 2015

Folsom 2014


In a season of epic traveling Folsom 2014 was definitely not a disappointment.


After landing and seeing a friend at Powerhouse (my favorite SF bar) I headed to another's friends house to stay with him. That night was fun...alot of fun. Sweaty fun. Cum fun. Plus I learned about the guy which made him even more attractive.


Daddy B (remember him) picked me up and we had brunch then the gym. One of my favorite things about the visiting San Fran is going to the Gold's Soma (now Fitness SF: Soma). Besides the great space and machines the vibe (read men) is amazing. You know how Lindsey Lohan compares the mall to the watering hole, thats how the gym is. Muscle men half naked building up a sweat, all horny and ready to go. After pumping up ourselves,  Daddy B pumped his cock into me in my room.

That night Oliver, his boyfriend Steven and my roommate for the weekend Michael & I decided to go to the Recon Party. It was a lot fun with the boys dancing and seeing men. Then we went to Beat Box to see some guys. I banged Michael that night.


Mr. S for more stuff. The gym and then the Big Muscle Party.  Its one of my favorite parties because it so much fun. The men are friendly and the music is great. Also its the first day generally everybody is in town and out to have some fun. After making out with most of my puppy brothers and their daddies we had a group experience. That lead me into the Falcon/Raging Stallion Party and then Magnitude where me and Tyler Rush met with some of other brothers.

Aftershock followed and I didn't get in the room until 7am and slept until well into the afternoon.

*Sidenote: Me and another porn star ended up flip-flopping in the bathroom at Aftershock until I came all over his face.

Sunday: The FAAAIIIIRRRRRR. At the Fair went to Leo Forte's Above the Hole Party. I really enjoyed the atmosphere especially. Everyone is so chill and fun. It was certainly a spot I will visit again.

That night I went to Real Bad. The only thing that sucked about it was my whole pack wasn't there. Its extremely hard tofile:///Users/joelrobinson/Desktop/IMG_0436.JPG get tickets and some couldn't so the last night we were divided. It would've been great to end the night with everybody together. I did have enjoy myself thoroughly. Daddy B was there with beautiful black Daddy and this puppy tail wagged in excitement. After blowing them both they both fucked me and I fucked them and making many chains (I got to be the red gummy). Later that night I joined my hasbro at his after party. ;-)

That was my Folsom. I believe it was the best one because

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