Tuesday, August 30, 2011


OK if you don't know this about me you obviously don't pay attention/care about me but I love clothes. I mean as much as I love to run around naked I have always loved fashion. Especially companies that push the line. Three of my favorites are:




I like SC for two reasons. When I was first coming into the industry (still am) they gave me a lot of support and love. They helped put my name out on twitter and always checked in me. I gotta appreciate that. They even named a shirt after me (my real name lol) . But also their images on their garments are reminders of my first exposure to the gay lifestyle. I am a huge Tom of Finland fan...I own one of the books. These are actually the first images I ever jerked off too. So its kinda like wearing a memory for me.

NP to me is whats current and classic for any gay. They make everything a gay man needs and a lot of things he wants. They show that you can be proud of your sexuality and proud of sensual side. When some people think of the word pig they have a negative connotation. They are turning that around. Be proud of your pig self.  Also I like how unique everything is and how alot of it is everyday wear and I love their jeans. I have a small waist and a huge ass so its hard for me to find jeans that fit. Each shredder is unique so you never have to worry about somebody dressed like you. Their clothes are super comfortable....these were the first jocks that didn't irritate me.

SIU to me is the boldness I want to push out. Non porn me is out going but my JP personal is the extreme side of that. He is super bold and doesn't give a fuck (like a honey badger) . I love that they twist classics and mix them in with fetish wear. They are so in your face I love it plus I think their creator David is hot as fuck...their commercials are genius...here is the latest one....http://vimeo.com/28251448

if you know of any gay designers let me know...

Monday, August 15, 2011


That sigh of relief was needed. Lately I've been in a funk. All I was doing was working  and lifting not really enjoying life. My bf who I was crazy for dumped me and I wasn't making the progress in my career like I thought I would. I was stressed and not enjoying life. Well you guys those days are long gone and here's why.

ME: It finally clicked that I was so concerned about everyone else that I wasn't putting me first. With my bf I left all of my stuff slip. I was eating right or lifting the way I should. It was my fault I should have remembered my goals and plans. I want to have a healthy lifestyle for me and the only one that would make this happen is yours truly. From now on no more distractions. I am have a goal and I'm going to make them happen nobody else.

FRIENDS: As you may know I am a fraternity man (I hate the term frat boy with a passion). One of my closest brothers got married (the first one I came out to). After college I moved back to Michigan while all of my friends stayed in Ohio therefore I'm not always able to be with the people who mean the most to me. It was great seeing everybody and they always make me laugh and I felt like I was with family. They have accepted and loved me unconditionally and that's saying a lot when most are white, conservative republicans and I'm a black gay guy who loves to suck dick and fuck (I'm not republican). They are the true meaning of brotherhood and I cannot say enough good things about them.

TWITTER/INDUSTRY: You guys fucking rock! Thanks for all the support it means more than I could possibly say.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Guys

Sorry for being MIA just nothing really exciting has been happening besides my relationship ending and even that fizzled. Now I'm just gearing up for FOLSOM. I have never been but from what I heard and the pics I saw I will love it. I know a lot of people see me as the boy next door but I do have some pig tendencies. I do some cum, sweat and lube (in a safe way).  I also want to push myself in my sexuality as well try new things and discover and after doing a little at IML why no FOLSOM.

Anyways I'm finally booked for my first shoot! Not saying when (its soon though) and with who (hush hush). But its happening but I will blow you away. Stay posted!