Sunday, July 7, 2013

Europe (2013) post part 1

Ok so if you pay attention to me on twitter (which you should because I'm fucking awesome and you should know everything I'm doing, everyday, everyhour) then you know I spent 10 days in Europe. I was in London and Berlin. I did two shoots, crashed a parade, modeled, Hustlaball London and a whole slew of Europeans. This is is the first part.

One of the things that I got to do was work at London's pride. I was really excited because no offense to Michigan but our pride doesn't do much compared to other cities. We have fun don't get me wrong but this was only the second time I was in a major city for pride and the first time I was completely sober (I went to Chicago's pride 3 years ago and was a lightweight so I was drunk by 1pm, yes I was that gay). I was working for cam4 promoting it in UK. Cam4 is a way to communicate and watch gorgeous men (and women) across the world. From amateurs to porn stars you can watch people do everything from laundry to themselves. Honestly is really hot. I've appeared on a couple of shows and I know Samuel Colt does a show every week. Plus I know of some hot British guys who are about to start up so check it out.

So to promote Cam4 in the UK (follow on twitter @cam4_uk) we donned our t-shirts and went out to pass out fliers (or leaflets as they call them in the UK). Somehow we ended up in the parade and got to pass them out. I lost my shirt after a half mile and then really went to work. Flirting with the crowd and showing a preview of what you can see on Cam4. It seemed to go really well and I had a fantastic time. I got to go a major pride, hang out  with really cute boys and celebrate being a cock sucking homosexual at the same time.

Here are some pics to show you the fun

Pride Mates

I did have it on for some of pride

For those who want to register use that link and start out as a gold member

the sexy Jace Tyler repping CAM4...he wasn't there but doesn't he look great in my shirt