Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hustlaball '12

NYC! The Big Apple! This magical city hosts some of the most amazing parties and events in the world. My favorite being HUSTLABALL. As a slut I've always wanted to attend this event. Public cock sucking, fucking and celebrating the sex industry, sounds like home to me. Ever since I heard about it (2010) and heard stories from friends (2011) I decided 2012 was the year I would finally attend. Not only did I attend it but I performed at it. But that was only the icing of an amazing weekend in NYC.

I arrived Friday after the most stressful transit I've ever experience. My connecting flight from DC to Laguardia was cancelled while I was in the air on the first flight. Luckily I was able to get on standby for the next flight. Then it took me 2 hours to get into the city and had the worst transportation. I took one of those charter buses into the city. They are extremely unorganized and rude. From now on I will take a taxi. When I finally got to my hotel (the Out in Hell's Kitchen) I took a much needed nap. The Out is an amazing hotel. Its a little out of the way (as far as NYC is concerned) being in Hell's Kitchen and most of my friends/events were in Chelsea but the staff is extremely nice and its GAY. I mean GAY and I fuckin' loved it. One of the new big clubs, XL (who doesn't love it big) is in the hotel so there are hotties running all around. Anyways after my nap I decided to meet one of my friends to go shopping in Chelsea for clothes/underwear for the weekend. I'm horrible at deciding things for myself so I always wait till the last minute. It was fun walking around the gay neighborhood but it made me kinda sad because there really isn't anything like it here in Michigan. We went to Nasty Pig and of course I got some items. Later went to Eastern Bloc to hear Chi Chi LaRue spin and meet up with some friends. Saw Diesel Washington and Howard Andrew there. Diesel told me about my scene he was directing the next day, getting me really excited. Went to Splash where we saw Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder put on a great show. Then I went to bed because I'm a good boy who is always prepared for my scenes.

Saturday morning I wake up bright and early to prep for my scene. The one thing I do have to criticize the Out is the shower heads. You would think as a GAY hotel they would be more accommodating and not have the block shower heads but the traditional ones. Oh well, I still got the job done and headed to the Bronx to fuck. The scene is for Hardwire series so there was alot of b-roll for me to film which I love. I know its corny but I love the plot in porn, no matter how cliche it is. It lead to one of the most intense fuckings I've ever had. My scene partner, Rio, is one of the hottest guys I've shot with. Muscular and tatted with a huge thick dick. My hole twitched in anticipation. He fucked me so hard my glasses fell off and soon I fell off the ottoman we were shooting on. It hurt so fucking good! By the end I came so hard while getting fucked I could barely see straight.

After that long and fun shoot I still had more to do. That night I attended my friends engagement/housewarming party. I got there late but glad to see there were people still there. Really happy for them. After that me and my friend Mark went to get dinner (I hadn't ate all day!) at Dallas BBQ where we got dinner theater in the form a woman cussing and fighting a guy. Apparently the guy (not of African-American descent) used the N-word with group of friends (all who were black) and her table heard it. She wanted to tell him how inappropriately he acted.  After that I decided it was time to get some sleep to for the next day.

Sunday night was amazing. Had a great time performing (5 times). I was in heaven. I mean there were hot horny guys everywhere. I officially lost any signs of a gag reflex that night and learned I'm a hungry horny boy. Here are some pics. Can't wait to go back to NYC for the Black Party...

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