Sunday, June 12, 2011

DAH DAH DAH DAH Finally IML/Grabbys

Ok so I'm finally writing about IML/Grabbys which is fitting because it was a journey to get there. First of all I didn't even know if I was going to go. Some toxic people (who are no longer in my life at this point) cancelled on me two days before and they had the hotel reservation. But I didn't let that stop me. My best friend from college lives in Chicago so I called her up and she offered me a place to stay. I love you bitch! I got on the train on Friday planning to be there at 10pm. Of course I had another obstacle...a car literally stalled on the tracks in Indiana....I end up getting there at 2am. I still went out and had a great time....with some great ass and dick.

                                              (my shirt Friday Night by SOLDOUT CLOTHING)

After I got some sleep and cleaned up I decided I was going to check out the leather mart at IML. I had never been and was definitely curious. I am just really exploring the leather/fetish community now. I found to be really interesting and hot. I love the fact that people were so open and proud about what they like. In Michigan it seems to be so hidden. It was definitely a hot experience watching guys in jock straps, leather and restraints. I will be back next year. Also the hot boy named Mutt who pulled out my cock in the middle of the leather mart will always have a special place in my heart. ;-)

Another great thing about the leather mart was that I finally got meet the people that I tweet all the time. Got to finally meet Chris Porter, Samuel Colt, Erynn, Kennedy Carter. There were others but it would be too long. That made me way more comfortable about the Grabbys that night.

Speaking of which Grabbys were amazing. It was so great to meet everybody. They were so nice and so helpful. I honestly was scared shitless about this. I'm not known except from twitter and I wasn't with anybody so I wasn't that confident. After getting bent over by Sister Roma (hey gur!) and everybody talking to me I felt good. The booze helped too.

Speaking of booze the after party was amazing and I'm mildly obsessed with a Cassi (a bartender at Spin) who became my bff. I finally got to do my shot of Patron w.Samuel Colt and Chris Porter (about 7months late).  After that I really came out of my shell. I gave a lap dance to Jade (one of the Drag Queens from RuPaul's Drag Race) and put my face in the crotch of a go go boy. The night continued with motorboating a friend and general shenanigans.

(Grabbys outfit...Shirt is by SOLDOUT CLOTHING)
The next day I headed home back to Michigan to go back to my normal life. Thanks Chicago!

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