Sunday, May 31, 2015

IML 2015

Its painfully obvious that I look forward to IML every year. International Mister Leather in Chicago is one of the first major gay events I ever attended. Its where I learned about myself and grew in my sexuality. It's also where I started my career in PORN. This event has a ton of meaning for me.

I came in on Thursday this year to dance at SkinTrade (Chi Chi LaRue's Party) at Hydrate. I stayed with my Alpha, Aleks Buldocek the first night. Since I was running late I showed up to the club with my full suitcase (I packed a lot of jockstrap). Dancing was really fun the first night. It's good to see all of my industry friends before the craziness begins. Also it was nice to get a bj in the changing room from my porn crush.

The rest of the weekend consisted of sex parties, go go dancing and the leather mart. This year I worked at the Manhunt booth. It was interesting (take that as you would like) to see people draw their ideal penis. Meeting Eddy Cee Tee was really cool. We clicked working at the booth and I know we will be good friends. Meeting people with the same sense of humor as me is rare so I latch on quick. Friday night I danced at Manhole with Draven Torres and Hans Berlin. Afterward Draven and I met some of our pack brothers, for iHop. So fucking good! My brothers make me eat! Big muscle pup here I come. I come back to the room and see my brother Oliver and his bf Steven made it. Later I saw Daddies and they brought me a toy, my porn crush. After that bit of fun (thanks Daddies for letting me use your room). I finally went to bed.

Saturday we had a family brunch and I worked again. The Grabbys were that day as well. I did the red carpet but didn't stay because we had family time then. I'm excited my friends won. Congrats especially to Brian Bonds and David Benjamin. After family time I had a totally hot hookup with this hot Daddy. He turned me OUT! His dick is so big and he knows how to use it. His hole isn't bad either.  I ended up having to take a nap before we went out. That night at the party I saw him again and I went fist deep in him. Happy IML!

Sunday was my last day at the booth. After a great nap we went to my favorite event of IML, the VICTORY PARTY!!! This party is held at the House of Blues. Its one of my first circuit events and most importantly it gives me life!!! The music and lights are always amazing. The vibe is what makes its amazing. The crowd is one big community. Everyone is celebrating the new winner and rejoicing in one of the last events of the weekend. It was so great to experience it with my family and friends.

Monday night I danced at the Black N Blue ball. This was my first time at the event and I will never miss it again. Unlike the Victory Party the vibe is dirty and fun. The music is amazing and I danced my ass off. But I also fucked my ass off and my dick off. I love a good sleazy party. Fuck yeah this is getting added to my list of events.

The night ended in a hot sex party in my room. A good 12 sexy men came and so did I.

FUCK I LOVE IML!!!!!!!!!!!!

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