Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Its that Special Time of Year

Memorial Day weekend is a special weekend when leathermen, enthusiast and porn stars descend upon the great city of Chicago. It is simply known as IML/Grabby weekend (depends on who you talk to). For me its extremely special because of the great (and some shameful one) memories This weekend is where I met best friends and fell in love. This weekend helped me get into the industry (if you want to read those stories go back in blog).

This weekend proved to be another pivotal change in my life. As I mentioned before I had recently broke up with the Daddy. While it hurt it had to be done. One thing that really sucked was that we decided that it would be a horrible idea if we went together and he offered to stay home. This meant for the first time since my first IML/Grabby Weekend (2011) I would be going alone. While I have traveled alone plenty of times I was nervous. This weekend two years ago was the first trip we took together. It was in Chicago laying in his arms when I realized I loved this man. It was here when I knew I wanted to be his pup. So going here by myself I didn't know how to handle it.

After deciding he would not go an opportunity arrived in an unexpected way. An associate of mine actually needed a place to say. I say associate because while we have always been friendly and hung out before I didn't know him that well. Also I knew having a roommate wouldn't allow me to wallow in self pity. I knew I would have a great time (I mean its fucking Chicago) but negativity can come from anywhere. I must thank this person that I now can certainly call friend because his jokes, stories and advice helped me tremendously.

Now that we got all that out of the way lets talk about the fun.

Friday: So my flight got bumped earlier and I arrived hours ahead of schedule. Getting there early allowed me to unpack and settle and rest before craziness. After chatting with the roomie I hit up  sexy ass Brock Avery to see if he wanted to eat. We headed to Boystown to meet Sister Roma, Scott Tanner and Mike Youens. After lunch we walked around and while waiting for a cab I got cold Brock put his arms around me and next thing I know we were making out on the street. Hes a good kisser, that is all I'm sharing.
L-R Scott Tanner, Brock Avery, Mike Youens, Sister Roma and me
That night was the gear party and after a great lift (met David Benjamin) and nap I was ready for the night. Friday night in the hotel is electric. Everyone is fresh and ready for a good time. Also one of my favorite parties is that night. Its the gear party. What it is everybody wear their favorite sports gear etc. My little bro Perry Cavalari was going with me. I wore orange tights and apparently when I make out/play with guys you can see the outline of my dick. Made for a very fun night. After a couple of hours of fun I met the roommate had pizza, fucked a guy in my room's bathroom and went to sleep.

Me and Perry
Saturday: Pretty Chill. Rested went to the Leather Mart and rested. I got to see my big A, his Daddy and new pup. Saw my other puppy brothers. Reconnecting with them is always great. I have a great set of friends who I consider family. That night I went to the Grabby's after party had fun. Chi Chi always turns out a party. I'm not going to lie it was nice that a lot of people noticed my growth. I spent all winter hitting the gym eating right food and for my peers to take notice and compliment made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Speaking of feeling something on the inside not ten minutes back in the hotel lobby I was having one of the best three ways of my life. These two muscle daddies fucked the bejezus out of me and I returned the favor. It was great to finally bottom my trip (I must admit I whored out there).

Sunday: After more great conversation with the roommate one of his hometown friends came over we had dinner. I ate light because that night was the Victory Party at the house of Blues and frankly I wanted more dick with me. After that I rested, and prepped for a great night. Music was incredible and so many hot men. Lets just say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Will share a little, there was alot of dick sucking, rimming and fucking going on. One hilarious thing I heard, "the guy that just fucked me in the bathroom only had a 5 1/2 inch dick! 5.5!!!!" I got back to my room early Monday morning with enough time to pack and go back home.

Nick Prescott, Me and Jon Shields

Next Year Though I'm staying until Tuesday. I ended up having a blast and on the plane and while I thought about the Daddy I knew this was the right decision. Yay Chicago, now I plan to travel alot more.

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