Saturday, June 9, 2012

Something to get off my chest

Hi guys,

I know this may seem random and it probably is but I want to get something off my chest. While I still believe going to Chicago was an overall success and great time there is something I regret. I got too drunk. I am lightweight, I need to own up to it. I don't nearly drink as much more, hell I rarely go out so I need to remember less is more. I can't hang with the big boys. Its no excuse for my behavior I am a grown man. I should no better. Now I do I count it as a learning experience and promise never to repeat it again.

So to anybody I was rude, aggressive, or just plain mean to those nights I apologize. Know that I am deeply sorry and it was totally uncharacteristic of me. If I left a negative impression I ask that we start over. I wasn't myself when we met.

wooosaaaaa, now I feel better. Its done with and I'm not looking back.


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  2. Thanks for sharing that, it's great to see you have learned from your mistake and this is why I am proud you be your fan!